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A Preg is a slang term for a prep roid-monkey E-tard gangsta.

You find this demographic in wigger prep-infested pro-football secondary schools.
Tovey saw a some no-dicked Preg shooting roids in his G-unit jacket, while popping a cap of ecstasy.
by Tovey November 09, 2006
short for pregnant

some one you don't like whose pregnant
she a preg bitch now!
by missee swagga February 23, 2010
An acronym for Pre-University Girl. A term used to describe a girl, usually around the age of 18-19, who claims to be worldly and knowledgable. PREGs believe they act more mature than their age suggests but are infact naive and spoilt. PREGs normally grow out of this phase naturally after attending university, but this isn't always the case
A PREG taking a gap year before attending university. The PREG would feel that as a result of travelling and seeing a few cultural sights she instantly knows everything about the world, its problems and how to resolve them. This is obviously not the case and she will probably realise this later in life.
by windmill87 July 12, 2009
"she's pregs in't she '?
by Carol - London September 24, 2003
When something very uncrispy happens. Like, majorly uncool.
Oh mate, that's pregs...I can't find the weed.
by Original Killjoys May 22, 2009
I'm sorry what I did to my grandma's truck and I'm sorry what I did to all you people in the hospital and I love you and I hope you be in preg.
by ted white December 29, 2008
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