thank you, a way of ebonicizing gratitude. holla at cha boy
"hey kirk, come give me a blumpkin...preash."
by arty geller May 09, 2006
Top Definition
A way to say thanks i.e. "show appreciation"
"Hey nigga pass me those clippers...Preash"
by Tone Capps April 02, 2006
Short for "I appreciate it". Pronounced "preesh", like the middle of "aPPRECiate".
"I got you another beer."

"Preash for getting the printouts."
by Mike Blaszczak May 25, 2005
way o saying that i appriciate what you did or going to do.
"thanks preash guy" hfdhghgf gfhjgfnfgnf
by jjhhjjhgkhk January 14, 2008
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