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Short for "I appreciate it". Pronounced "preesh", like the middle of "aPPRECiate".
"I got you another beer."

"Preash for getting the printouts."
by Mike Blaszczak May 25, 2005
A way to say thanks i.e. "show appreciation"
"Hey nigga pass me those clippers...Preash"
by Tone Capps April 02, 2006
thank you, a way of ebonicizing gratitude. holla at cha boy
"hey kirk, come give me a blumpkin...preash."
by arty geller May 09, 2006
way o saying that i appriciate what you did or going to do.
"thanks preash guy" hfdhghgf gfhjgfnfgnf
by jjhhjjhgkhk January 14, 2008