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the act of screaming into a vagina
Jenna just told me that Scott preamed her all night long. The neighbors filed a complaint.
by Seignor Colombia May 24, 2010
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When a man ejaculates before his partner has had sufficient sexual stimulation. To cum prematurely.
Rhonda: If you pream again, we're breaking up.
Ronald: I'm just anxious.
by muddyallen October 04, 2011
used when one could say cool or sweet
"Pream as fuck"
"I had a Pream wet dream last night you fuck guy'
by David496 September 12, 2006
to prematurely cream yourself, usually in ones pants.
Lucy: Babe, let's go out and do something, I'm bored!

Jack: Sorry cupcake, I'm pretty tired. You go out and have fun I'll stay in tonight.

Little did Lucy know her beloved Jack had preamed his pants while the lovebirds were watching an episode of Blue Heelers and would have to explain his moist pants if forced to stand up and remove the pillow from his lap.
by dorothythefirst October 08, 2009
Its a mix between a potato and a dream!
I had a wet pream last night.
by Jess! January 10, 2004

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