A mild to moderately sociopathic person who is unable to see the impact of their behavior on others. Someone who is completely self-absorbed.
"I'm getting really tired of listening to Christine whinge about her needs. She really is a prat."
by Dobbin1969 January 22, 2013
Mix between prick and twat
Chris is a big prat
by pricktwat July 26, 2014
A slang term for a Praetorian
The prats were marching towards the town to assist his alliance member.
by jarwa April 19, 2011
Stand for: Press Release Aware Typer. A person in charge of announcing to the press within a sporting community.
The PRAT announced the news to the press.
by Bondi_lions April 13, 2011
Someone that is acting like a major dumbass. Something you would say to your friends.
Don't be a Prat Ruben.

or Azza you are a massive Prat
by Bobbejaan October 19, 2010
A prat is a gormless oik. You make a prat of yourself by mistakenly putting both legs down one knicker leg or by playing air guitar at a pop concert.
Stop being a compleat prat.
by jessickuhh September 07, 2008
An immature person, usually one looking for attention in a wholly childish method. Will often search for attention by trying to make a martyr of him/herself. Friends can see through the facade in an instant.
"'Since you're all friends with HER, you clearly don't want to be friends with ME any more.' 'You're SO off my buddy list.' 'Better to be miserable in a relationship than to back down. Breaking up is the loser's way out.' He said all those things? What a prat!"
by nahira August 18, 2005

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