A cock-up, stupid mistake or indiscretion that only an idiot or moron would make.
See 'prat', a total 'whally'
I also had a spectacular prat fall while shopping that resulted in a pool of blood.
And so we're back to the time honoured game of waiting for top politicians to take a prat-fall.
He has evolved into a kind of snarling, brilliantined Monsieur Hulot, a world specialist in the diplomatic prat-fall and coq-up.
At a conference earlier this year, he posited that the classic banana-peel pratfall is funny only when the victim gets up, and that we laugh to alert "other members of our kin..
A clumsy comedy pratfall worthy of Laurel and Hardy.
by Henley July 17, 2007
when you fall on your butt rollerblading
I went rollerblading too, but after all those pratfalls I'm never going again!
by FlyByTheSeatOfYourPants September 04, 2008

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