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verb, slang. Similar in definition to prank call.
I prank dialed that fellow, which resulted in quite a bit of consternation on his end of the phone call!
by tekninjahh August 15, 2008
The common term for calling people with the intention to prank them.
"Hey brosef, I'm going to prank dial Frahim."
by Not Treytor August 18, 2008
The act of dialing a phone number with humorous or malicious intent to a unsuspecting victim.
He calls me all the time with funny jokes, he is quite the prank dialer.
by Marcus Mozer August 15, 2008
Another way of saying prank call, often using a prank dialer -- a website that sends funny messages to the person you're pranking.
Fuck your ex man, let's prank dial her.
by Fermata September 02, 2008
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