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A combination of pringle and wangle, prangle simply means 'to wangle a pringle', and was created in celebration of these excellent words.
He was going to wangle a pringle from the policeman = He was going to prangle from the policeman (or) he was going to prangle the policeman.
by Chris Rossdale September 01, 2005
To cut something in a downward fashion.
Oi mate, i will PRANGLE you.
by MRS mcarthur March 10, 2011
to wash ones gooch

1. prangle
2. prangling
3. prangled
1. "i'm in need of a prangle"
2. "brb, prangling"
3. "what did you do last night?" "not alot, stayed in and prangled"
by GELLLL March 29, 2010