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girl who is a little rough around the edges and wouldn't look at all out of place at 14 years of age pushing a newborn through a council estate.
"jaysus look at that pram-face in the patent white platforms with the umbro tracky"
by shazza October 05, 2003
The word used to describe the face of a bitter teenage chav pushing a pram on her own to the Post Office to pick up her Giro.
Bloody hell, I just walked past Lidl's in Swansea - You should have seen how many PramFaces are outside rolling joins and swapping their babies.
by Jucks February 16, 2012
A word used to describe young women who err, push prams. Often labelled as chavs for having children so young; as it has suddenly become acceptable for the middle classes to openly mock the working classes.
Look Winston, a women pushing her own child around and not using a Nanny; she's a right Pramface.
by Adz657 January 12, 2008
A young mum who barely looks old enough to have had a baby. Often seen around housing estates with other pram faces.
she doesn't look old enough to be pushing that baby, she's a real pram face!
by bratSoldier September 13, 2010
A woman who looks so young she ought to be pushing a pram around a council estate in the shittiest part of town.
What nice tatoos, pramface. Did you do them yourself?
by Clarkers January 02, 2004
n. A socialite who is so ugly they look more suited to pushing a pram around in a public housing estate
Calista Flockhart is a total pram face
by faggotor January 24, 2003
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