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A term used to define a middle-aged man with a quirky, weird, and queer personality. Most pragers have a lack of sexual relationships, and are usually complimented with receding hair lines.
Aha, check out that prager over there. I bet he teaches history or something, hah.
by DaBrackMamba May 11, 2011
A fat ass mother fucker with greasy hair, he never washes his clothing and his face is hella shitty. A Prager is the kind of guy who would never leave home and will remain a cocksucking fuck up for the rest of his life. A Prager is also somebody you can expect to find raping your child... Be careful
Prager is just a homo excuse for a man
"Hey Prager, your hella gay!"
"that Prager is such a Pedophile."
"Prager literally jumped from the ceiling to rape me!"
by Prager is Madunka's shit October 05, 2011
(noun) Just a regular everyday guy with nothing special about him whatsoever. Created in the mid-90's in reference to Dennis Prager who held a late night talk show on NBC between Bob Costas and Rush Limbaugh. In the world of pop culture, this guy had no business on national television.

Re-surfaced in the early 2000's on Andy Richter Saves the Universe with Jon Cryer's "Prager" character.
LeBron must be hurt, they've got some Prager playing his position.

Why the hell is she going out with that Prager?
by Jeff Rich March 25, 2007
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