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prag probably originated from the HBO series Oz and probably means stands for PRison fAG. but it for sure means prison bitch.
Tyrone: i see you don't ever take up for yourself around here. now why dont you be a good prag and suck my dick?

Antwon: Fuck you man i aint nobody's prag
by The Gimp April 21, 2005
One's sex slave, bitch, etc
ie someone's bitch in prison
by me November 22, 2002
someone that is made a sex slave in a prison againt there will.
"suck my dick now or ill cut yours off"
by Carrie Neal October 04, 2003
A pragmatic (practical) prisoner who allows others to have sex with him in order to gain security or favors. The acronym PRAG probably also stands for Prison Raped Ass Girl.
Hey, can I borrow your prag for the night?
by pixeleyz November 10, 2006
P.R.A.G/Punk's Really A Girl. Definition of one who is made a bitch in prison.
by none August 12, 2003
A sex slave, or onw who is always getting bullied.
My brother "THE PAGE" is a Prag.He is always getting punked around.
by gummy bear pop'n'prag December 23, 2003
a pointless brag that noone puts in to consideration, noone wants to hear, and is completly annoying.
i ate 30 mcdonalds chicken nuggets yesterday for lunch

what a prag
by dumbasscus July 28, 2009
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