A guy who finds himself pretending to be someone he is not, to obtain closeness with a desired member of the female species. Typically comes off as cool in a group, but eventually cannot keep up with the false image of himself which he painted for the female he is courting, which results in termination of both the relationship, and his stupid head.
"Watch out, that P.R. might make you believe....just don't listen to him."
by used to dream October 16, 2008
stands for pre-rolled, not to be confused with the nationality abv.,
usually pertaining to a ready to smoke,
joint or blunt
let's party. who can roll one?, don't worry, homeboys gotta p.r.
by pretty ricky December 13, 2003
Short for potential rapist
Judging by his touchy-feeling mannerisms and his flesh colored beard, he qualifies as a PR.
by katydubs August 28, 2010
Pussy Restriction. When a straight man or bi/gay female does something wrong and gets no sex as punishment
Man comes in later than he promised his gf/wife, forgets gf/wife birthday, gets caught looking at a hot chick other than who he's with, or something of the like.

The woman gives him just a look that tells him 'You're so on P.R. '
by Rinoa82 May 08, 2008
Project Reality is a series of tactical First-person shooter video games which aim to create a realistic combat environment and place great emphasis on teamwork and cooperation.
My buddy in the army said PR is so realistic, playing it helps relieve his PTSD.
by Trexian January 16, 2011
by babygurlsara September 11, 2008

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