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1 definition by Oilik

PRS stands for Penn. State Paranormal Research Society, the group on Paranormal State that airs on many channels, including available on Insight OnDemand through "The Free Spot > A&E"

They are known for helping people in ridding their homes of the paranormal, such as ghosts, demons, and other spirits.

Their show typically airs for 30 minutes, and they have about 40 episodes so far.
Nut: Did you watch PRS last night?
Sack: What's PRS?
Nut: Ah, well I'm going to put it in UrbanDictionary so you morons can know what I'm talking about, I'm getting tired of being asked, but it means Paranormal Research Society/Paranormal State.
Sack: Oh, well lets' have sex tomorrow baby.
Nut: I'm all for it, but I have to watch PRS first.
by Oilik March 02, 2009