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Means "Party Quest" used in MapleStory (a online game)
Joining to PQ, Who needs a PQ?.
by DFTDER January 20, 2008
pq = why

In every romance language imaginable, the word for "why" can be abbreviated pq. "Why" just has too many letters to bother typing when online, and "y" is so tacky. For great justice, use in regular conversations.
He returned, no longer a youth, to his native land to find the farm burned to the ground and his family slaughtered. Without tears, he searched through the debris and found an antique from his childhood: a Gameboy Color with Pokémon Yellow. Desperate for something familiar, he turned it on only to find out that someone had saved over his game. His level 100 Graveler was gone forever, and so were all the badges for which he strugged so hard.

In a torrent of grief and rage, he fell to his knees and screamed to the heavens just as the camera angle changed to overhead:

by thewizardof207 February 03, 2005
PQ is the acronym for Private Question. Usually used when the matter at hand cannot be talked about in front of the general audience such as a sexually suggested topic. Also, it can be used as the heading of a message to alert the receiving person that it is not a message read when other's are around.

Commonly used when talking on facebook messages.
Yo mike what happened with you and your girl?
by Mike Velqua January 13, 2012
Smiley with glasses, as if to say "ARE YOU BLIND?!!!?"
Zomg wow noob. Blind moar? p.q
by Private/Ken February 04, 2008
Short for 'Paki Queer'. A paki who happens to be queer. Not necessarily a homosexual Pakistani, just a brown person who is a twat.
See that bloody P.Q. just then? What a knob-shite!
by Josh Latham? September 17, 2011
short for "potential-queer". someone who isn't gay but often acts as if he could be gay. the potential to be a queer. generally referred to guys.
He's as straight as can be, but he acts like a PQ.

Seems to be acting quite like a PQ today, with the way he's dressed.
by vidfreak May 21, 2009
"Go cry"


"Hey look who's there, the crybaby p.q"

though i'm bad at making those kinda things up.

you make something of it xD
by A.S.... November 15, 2008
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