this is a 'recursive' def, cuz i see no way to amend/addend other ppl's urbandictionary defs :-)
"Definition and background:
ppl is a short word for people.
Most used by net freaks who tend to write so fast that they just can not (sic) type the whole word because it takes to (sic) much time."
by tw August 25, 2004
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a shorter word for people or peeps
ppl = people or peeps
by Joe April 12, 2003
1: Shorthand for "People"

2: A person who holds a Private Pilot Liscence, a Pilot.

3: A Private Pilot Liscence, The liscence itself
1: Hello PPL

2: Mick? Yeh, He's a PPL

3: I'm working on getting my PPL
by TrentH April 29, 2005
A term used by twelve to fourteen year olds who are far too lazy to type out "people". These people often use u r loloz and generally anything else that slaughters the English language.

1: U ppl sux!!!1one
2: How the hell do you even pronounce ppl?
by ToHellWithYouAndYours January 23, 2007
Love for the sorority, Pi Beta Phi.

Pi Phi Love
Dear Jane:

You are the greatest person in the world, I love you.


Jessie <3
by pi phi lovaa February 25, 2011
texting format for people. When people text message on their cell phone, they use shortcuts such as:
ttyl=talk to you later
omg=oh my god
idk=i don't know
I don't want to talk to you ppl.
by tentcamper September 17, 2008
party pooping loser(s). person or people who either bring the party down by being dicks or leaving early or not partying at all.
"I have to leave at 10." "What the fuck!?! The party just started you fucking PPL!"
by judd November 15, 2003
Perilous Penis Legions
The PPL is after me! Sew my anus closed!
by Josh September 21, 2003

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