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The Walther ppk pistol probably most famous for its use by the James Bond character. In the Goldeneye video game it was called the pp7 because it had only 7 shots. In the movies however he could shoot the ppk about 67 times before reloading.
Valentin: "Walther ppk 7.65mm, I know only three men in the world who use such a gun. I believe I've killed two of them."
by Neuronius July 27, 2006
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a Russian trance/techno band
I just got the new PPK album
by Chantelle January 05, 2007
A pistol made by the Walther company of Germany. There is some confusion about whether it means "Pistol Polizei Kriminal" or "Pistol Polizei Kurz." The first would reflect its use by the German undercover police, while the second merely refers to the German word for "short" or "compact." These are smaller versions of the PP pistol. These guns were banned from importation to the US by the Gun Control Act of 1968, but now are produced in the US.
I carry a Walther PPK in .32 ACP for personal protection.
by Gun Student August 01, 2009
Generally,"Play Production Krew/kids" ...a group of students that act at venice high school
hey are you in ppk or not because stage krew is not ppk
by alex armendariz December 12, 2007
pinky promise kiss, a term coined in the 1700s
PPK I went to the store

You are PPK-ing like it's candy!
by Martha Jeroma March 12, 2008
popping pain killers
little jimmy was very depressed so he decided to go through his medicine cabinet and found some pills and ppk.
by bob saget March 07, 2008
Potato Potato..........Gun
James Bond uses a PPK, and Caesar salads never stood a chance.
by your mom July 19, 2003

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