Party Please

Used on online rpg games, such as Diablo 2, to ask for an invite to join the group of players.
Player Fred has joined the game
Fred says: PP
by Ciab July 27, 2006
Top Definition
the child name for a penis.
little jimmy has a pp.
by Little Jimmy May 29, 2003
Stands for 'Plug Pull', usually used in RTS games when someone leaves the game without informing the other players, often forcing the host to remake the game or wait until the PPer can be dropped.
*NOOB has left the game*

123 says: WTF????
sdf says: omfg pp noob
host says: ... rmk (remake)
by myth8745 September 15, 2007
a man who wears pants up to his nipples which in turn makes his penis disappear
Have you seen the CCO in his p-p outfit? He crazy!
by jrrajs May 07, 2007
Verb, standing for "Profile Picture"
Jim: "Dude! PP this! It's awesome"
Barry: "Nah man, I look like a chick."
by NinjaMonkey12345 August 01, 2010
post processing or post processed
Used in photography, when the photographer is retouching his photo with a software.
The photo was pp.
I use pp on each photo.
by ljdm May 14, 2008
When a female has a strong desire to have sex, to get her "Pussy Pounded," her "PP," if you will.
Girl #1: Wow, did you see Amber's shirt? It is really low cut!
Girl #2: She's just trying to get that PP!
by ms.jaaaaaaaaaay September 16, 2009
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