The combination of the chatspeak words, ownage and pwned. Used when neither word on it's own describes the situation at hand.
"My God! Did you see that girl?"
"I know, major pownage, right?"
by Kyoichi-chan April 07, 2008
An alternate version of "ownage". Term used mainly in online shooters, where one person is displaying superior and winning traits. Part of "the internet speak"; synonyms include "twnage", "ownage", "lwned". See l33t
That fag got owned!
by Totokeke July 02, 2004
The wrong way to spell pwnage.
How do you spell pownage?
by Megadecimal April 04, 2008
The act of being owned in such a way to have all listeners exclaim
"Oh Shit"
The act of being dissed/owned
Pownage, you just got dissed by the kid wit ADHD
by Patrick Mulkeen June 25, 2004
a word for losers that don't know how to say OWN and play runescape (a game for 7 yr olds).
OMG did you see that lvl 12 mage in the wildy... yeah that was complete pownage when you used your rune longsword and powned him.
by blahs March 17, 2008

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