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To powertruff is to engage or take part in profuse truffin'. Scholars argue that the average north-american powertruffer will truff for at least 1 hour. Anything less than this suggested time period would then be mere truffin', rather than powertruffin'. There's no shame in being just an average truffer, it takes dedication, time and practice to become skilled in this fine art.
Drunk friend 1: Yo fool, how long we been truffin' for?
Drunk friend 2: For sure at least 6 hours man, for sure.
Drunk friend 1: Dang. 6 hours? That's miles beyond the tentative time average suggested by faceless pseudo-experts on the internet! Yo, we powertruffin' dawg!
Drunk friend 2: Yeah? Yeah! Yeah, we fuckin are.
by Dirty Dam April 08, 2007
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