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fords diesel engine popular in the F-250 and F 3-50
I know it has a powerstroke look at that coil!
by jimmy bobby mikey boxie August 01, 2006
A form of professional masturbation that can only be accomplished by the elites, requiring intense meditation and training. You begin by gripping your flaccid penis at the base. A single slow outward stroke causes you to become fully erect and blow load.
Dude 1: "Can you do the power stroke?"
Dude 2: "What's the power stroke?"
Dude 1: "Stand still. I'll show you."
by bertanonymous October 13, 2008
A diesel engine produced by international, and used by the ford motor company in their heavy duty line-up of trucks, including the F-250 and F-350. The most popular powerstroke engine is the 7.3 Liter (also known as int'l T444E) this engine was first unvailed in 1994.5 and ran through 1997 with the 5 speed or E4OD trans, then an intercooler was added in the 1999 model, along with the more reliable 4r100 auto trans. (there was no such thing as a 1998 f-250 or f-350 they don't exist the 97 model continued through 98) in 2003, international introduced the 6.0 Liter powerstroke engine. Although this engine had more power and torque, many still favor the 7.3L engine for their proven reliability. The 6.0 also lacks power in the low-mid range rpm's, where the 7.3 is superior. Both engines, however, are much better than any cummings or duramax engine ever built, which just goes to show you how superior the international engines really are.
Wow! that guy must be running a powerstroke, he just dusted that cummings and duramax!

Yo you gonna take the new 6.0 shop truck? na man, i'll take my ol' 7.3... thanks tho
by Stroker4life October 05, 2006
It's what the greatest pool players utilize in order to win the big games.
Damn! Justin sure laid you out with his power stroke.
by herroWorl November 30, 2007
An diesel powered engine built by international and ford, found inside of a ford f250 all the way through the f550. A truck company that doesn't need to sub out its engine unlike dodge where they need to try to keep up with ford, so they begged cummins to allow them to put a cummins in their piece of junk dodge to seem like they are a quality truck company. An engine that makes way more power than your duramax or cummins. It is not like a cummins that is always cummin into a shop to get fixed. Made up of 8 cylinders, 2 more than any cummins owner can handle. Engine types of a 7.3 turbo in the obs fords, then the 7.3 intercooled, next the 6.0, then the 6.4, next a 6.7 made by international and current 2015 model has a 6.7 made by ford. A truck engine that is Chuck Norris Approved.
You just got beat by a powerstroke, the junkyard down the street is open.
by fordrunner February 17, 2015
It's what the greatest pool players utilize in order to win the big games.
Damn! Justin sure laid you out with his power stroke.
by a.p.i. November 30, 2007
An idiot who thinks that a 6.0 Ford Flowerjoke engine can even hold it's own against a CUMMINS (That's right, it's CUMMINS. Not CUMMINGS. Dumbass) or even a Duramax, as slow as they are. Also one who cannot even spell the name of the engine they are trying to trash talk.

Can often be found changing their headgaskets and installing head studs, or replacing their EGR.

That jackass is such a Powerstroke! He can't even spell Cummins correctly!
by I'dRatherBeCummin'ThanStrokin' March 26, 2009

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