An adjective describing someone or something who is in possession of some form of power.
The king is powerful!
by UberMan5000 March 26, 2004
Top Definition
Full of power. Lots of features.
The TCL language is very powerful
by Jdawg140 March 23, 2008
1. When anything or anyone excend the ability to over bench 300lbs and when the scouter read its power level to be OVER 9,000.
2. The ability to do anything (such as banging your mom).
3. Chuck Norris.
D: Why the fuck did you do that?!!\
V: Cause I'm POWERFUL!!!!!

V: I aced the test cause the teacher printed it in the library
by BenchMax345 March 27, 2009
when someone can make other people do whatever they say- in person that is.

When someone has a lot more money, power, looks or friends than you do.
She's more powerful than you are and you hate her for it.
by 484839 May 03, 2010
Another word for very, uber, mucho, and any other word that means...intensely. Stolen from the 1940's
Wow, that is powerful cool!!!!

This shirt is powerful tight!

You're a powerful cool person.
by Caroline Anderson June 30, 2005
adj. add this as an adjective to make any phrase sound like you are an incredibly redneck. also, the word "bud" should be added at the end of the sentence.
We gonna get powerful drunk bud.

That guy in the whitehouse is powerful stupid bud.
by Rob Harris March 17, 2003
an adjective for emphasising the word "very". Originated from the Simpsons, "Tall Tale Episode"
Those Dilanger bullets are powerful weak.
by Chandler November 29, 2002
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