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A geek (usually an alpha geek) who has leveraged his or her expertise toward developing financial success in business, commerce or industry.

Examples of well-known power geeks include Bill Gates (Microsoft), Steve Jobs (Apple) and Sergey Brin (Google).
Most of the customers at the Ferrari dealerhip were power geeks with more money than they can spend.
by uihero December 05, 2008
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1. A Geek who doesn't look like a geek, but more of an athlete. 2. Someone who loves to take part in StarTrec and Star Wars conventions but just doesn't fit in due to their aggressive look and build. 3. A nerd that can not be pushed around.
I have a Power Geek friend at school, but no one messes with him because he would demolish them for trying!
by the2ndflood November 13, 2007
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