Power metal is the music genre you will only be able to play if you have 16 hours of spare time each day to practice your instrument and study music theory for a decade.
Some power metal bands: Rhapsody of Fire, Ancient Bards, Nightwish, Fairyland, Luca Turilli.
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by Knight Of The Emerald Dragon January 12, 2011
the only true heavy metal (some may consider it to be a subgenre, but power metal is what heavy metal would be today if all the crap, a.k.a. death/black/nu etc., was removed from existence) which usually includes medieval/fantasy lyrical themes and very complex musicianship.
King Diamond is power metal. Whomever says otherwise is grossly misinformed and apparently deaf.
by Fallen Angel November 03, 2003
A relatively modern style of Metal, inspired by classic legends like Iron Maiden and Europe.

It is characterised by guitar play that is quite simple (usually power chords) during most of the song, which gets extremely fast and complex during the intro, solo, and outro. Apart from the guitarist, a lot is expected from the vocalist, who has to reach extremely high notes, and have an immense vocal range. The drum beat is usually repetitive, but insanely fast.

Great power metal bands include Manowar, Altaria, Gorgoroth, Dragonforce, and perhaps the best of them all: Sonata Arctica.

Lyrics in these songs often deal with fantasy, war, and the medieval/renaissance age. They have no hidden, deeper message, but with the amazng music they're set to, no one really cares. An exception is Sonata Arctica, who have the running theme of love and loss.
Dragonforce, Sonata Arctica and Manowar are all great power metal bands. it's a shame they don't get the attention they deserve.
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by Evgeni February 29, 2012
a subdivision of metal which focuses in melody and precision, often dealing with themes from the Dark ages like fairies, elves and stuff. Looking alike and sounding alike is an unusually common tendency within bands of this genre
Rhapsody and Blind Guardian can duke it out for the second prize while Boanerges calmly takes the first place.
by Paolo April 03, 2004
A subgenre of Heavy Metal, mostly underground (I've never heard any on the radio), heavy medievel themes. Things such as Kights Templar, swrods, the Crusades, and war. That sort of stuff. Very fast. Much like death and heavy metal.
There ar many great underground power metal bands, such as Holy Dragons and BattleRoar.
by Naes June 01, 2003
It's a style of heavy metal mainly influenced by the speed of speed/thrash metal and the melodic attitude of NWOBHM bands like Iron Maiden.
As Metallica and Iron Maiden were two of the most successfull bands of the 80's underground scene, Power Metal was born as a synthesis of their styles.
Too bad, most of the bands who played this style sucked really hard. They just played the cheapest and most boring melodic patterns ever, faster than anyone before. It worked just becouse most of people have low musical expectation.
Dragonforce is one of the most terrible bands ever and it also the best example of why power metal sucks.
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by BlackSabbath-rulez March 01, 2011
A style of music that is dominated by wizards and warriors. And lonely stinky ass metalheads. This music should not be enjoyed by anyone that has more than 3 friends, or without the mental capacity of someone in an insane asylum.

People who listen to this style of music generally believe they are living in the middle ages. Thus aren't suited to be living among normal members of society.

Heil satan
Dude. I'm shredding the gnar mad hard while jamming to RHAPSODY OF FIRE!!!!

I hate black people, they're not metal.

Heil hitler.

I like dragons more than people.

Power Metal is EPIC!
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by The man with the plan39834 June 18, 2010
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