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To hug in a powerful motion as seen in the tenacious d movie.
"It's time for a power hug."
by Jacobo2006 June 19, 2007
the most powerful thing in the known universe, it has the destructive ability to tear holes in the cosmos if preformed incorrectly and provides a feeling 1000 times greater then an orgasm when proformed correctly. origanally designed as a weapon of mass distruction by nazi leader adolf hitler, the powerhug proved much more dangerous then anything ever thought to have existed. recently 2 kfc inployees each possecing pure epicness (the particles that created god) reformed the powerhug into a modern day gesture of happiness/epicness and have passed the tecnique onto fellow believers.
dude i sold so much cock, lets powerhug that shit
by powermastersfromkfc March 31, 2010

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