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a person too gay to be a fag so he it is power fag . He usually wears tight pants and flails around like a fairy
hey you know jeremy" "aww you mean that power fag
#strong #weak #straight #fag #faggot
by jeremy heffellump October 20, 2010
v. - To smoke a cigarette extremely fast, for fear of being caught by parents, teachers, siblings, or any other authorative figure.
I think I might have to powerfag this one. My dad was supposed to be home ten minutes ago.
by El Gordo October 19, 2004
1. to be extrememly gay.
2. to an extent of supreme gayness
3. someone who is rly gay
leslie look like a powerfag
#gay #fag #fagtard #stupid #weird
by ali forrest March 08, 2008
super rude assholes who think they are pretty
1)Hey did you go the show at WinnersCircle?
All the powerfags were 2stepping, I couldnt get my broxmosh in.
3)I hate those fuckin powerfag lakeland kids.
#winnerscircle #powerfag #lakeland #flameon #shows
by kandrea October 02, 2005
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