Here, this is from a Canadian. This is what poutine is.

Take a potatoe. Cut it into thing rods. Deep-fry it. Pour hot turkey gravy, (Yes, turkey, Quebec, the province next to mine, is unsuitable for bovine farming, although there are some pockets here and there,) on the deep-fried potatoe-sticks (fries). Add some white cheddar cheese curds, let the curds melt, or pop a few in your mouth. Eat with a fork.

There you go.

You Americans don't know what you're missing.
"My caf serves poutine."
by Alexander Girard September 24, 2005
Canadian dish that has spread in popularity to the Northeastern states. Traditionally it was fried potatoes covered in turkey gravy and sprinkled with the skimmed cheese curds. Modern interpretations are:

Beef gravy and mozzarella cheese, called Hobo Fries in the MD/DC/NOVA region.

Chicken gravy and mozzarella cheese, called Disco Fries in the NJ/NY/PA region - often considered the true new form considering NJ has more diners that any other state and this is where the dish is normally available.
"Welcome to Quebec - would you like to try some poutine today eh? It should be right oot."

"Ugh, I was so trashed last night I couldnt even find my way back to the metro and I wandered around Adams Morgan for like 40 minutes. Thank God I made it back to College Park, because now we can go to Platos and have hobo fries."

"Yo, I got so fucking fucked up last night. I just barely caught the Path back to NJT and got home to New Brunzz. Lets peace over to the diner for some fucking disco fries."
by Cass March 16, 2005
A french Canadian dish. French fries covered with gravy and cured cheese. The word poutine mean's "messy" in French.
Also, among one of the top meal's in any portley man/women's diet.
I can't move because of all the poutine i've eaten.
by Kyle de Jong September 21, 2005
Canadian dish of French fries with turkey gravy and cheese curd; supposedly from "pudding", in the sense of dessert
Poutine is not recommended by the Atkins diet
by Trontonian February 03, 2004
French fries topped with melting cheese and gravy. invented be the clever kebekers. Or for you dumbass modafockas, French Canadians.
I mean poutine can't be bad for my healt right?
by Bagginssssssssss March 25, 2003
A homosexual who performs fellatio on a feces covered penis.
Ugh! That kalony has a mustache from poutine!
by fire-eyes October 11, 2010
Canadian slang for wet fries. Not to be confused with the American-
Poontang: slang for wet pussy.
The poutine on that fox is so slammin'!! That is to say, "Does gravy cum with that"?
by dingleberg November 13, 2006
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