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A creature in 17th Century English mythology. It's distinctive foul smell and revolting appearance makes it one of the most recognizable and iconic mythical figures in old English mythology.

Its origin is unknown, but it is believed that the myth began in a small village of Pottleton, now known as Waltham Cross, when a strange noise came from a well just outside the village. Villagers went to investigate, but none returned from their scoutings. It is said that every night at 3:35 AM, a small girl with a turnip-shaped head and a tomato-style hair do can be seen wandering the ground where the well once stood.
"Oh my God, John! Is that the Pottless?!"

"I don't know, Mr Lywellyn, but it is most certainly pottless-like, reminiscent of the old tale."

"Oh I see!"



by John Lywellyn March 16, 2008
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