The rich town where eigth graders get mugged and beat up by drunk seniors at 2 in the morning.
8th grader not from potomac: where are you from?
8th grader from potomac: potomac
8notfromp: oh, so you must have gotte mugged by seniors at 2 in the morning.
8fromp: No, but my best freind did.
by anonomyouss July 09, 2006
A town where rich, snobby people between the ages of 18-25 never grow up. They rely on Mommy and Daddy for money and pretty much get whatever they want. The boys all pop their collars and think someone owes them something. The girls, whose names mostly start with the letter "K", are sluts that wear tight clothes and can't get guys for themselves so they go to other area towns to steal other people's boyfriends. No one outside of the town actually ever goes there for parties, leaving one to assume that the townspeople are highly incestuous. They are also not very bright, continuously referring to their community as P-town, when it should actually be "P-Ville"...guess their schools aren't up to par either.
Girl 1: That girl is TOTALLY all over my boyfriend.
Girl 2: It's one of those Poolsville sluts.
by G-burg14 August 21, 2005
Potomac is a school that nobody cares about, they think they have good sports but beating mac teams dont count the guys are gay and ugly and try too hard and the girls are guys
Potomac: Hey does anyone care about us?
Every other school in this area: FUCK NO
by shockthapeople April 26, 2005
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