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1. A wealthy community full of white people and very few minorities.
2. Seriously, a community with a majority of Jewish pricks who strive to be well noticed and form their own groups that looks down on the rest of the world.
3. These people think they are the shit but really need to get their shit run.
4. Most Hypocritical people in the world.
(Some people that live in Potomac are decent...just some...)
Look no further for the pricks by listening to kids at Churchill or listening to their parents bitch in the lines of Giant or at the mall.

Prick 1 - Why does she wear that she's so fat she doesn't deserve to be in those clothes
Prick 2 - Ugh... she's such an annoying fat slut you know she gave head to this wooton kid
Prick 1 - I'm not surprised she is so easy... hey by the way let's go hop in the convertible BMW and go to the mall to get some new clothes for tonight... Chad is going to be there I'm hoping to hook up with him hopefully he is better than Jon.
Prick 2 - Who is Jon?
Prick 1 - The one I gave head to last night. Shotgun!
by Mellion February 21, 2005
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