because potomac is the city where the highest income families in the country live, it is the most stereotyped city too. everybody thinks potomac is full of japs but that isn't true. yes, we may be rich, but don't assume that everyone is a spoiled, stuck-up bitch. a town where the girls are hot, the guys are hot and prep fashion is ALWAYS in. in addition, churchill dominates every other high school in the area. GO DAWGS!
hot guy #1: check out that hottie over there
hot guy #2: damnn and she looks rich as shit too..she must be from potomac
hot guy #1: sweet!
by inlovewithpotomac January 30, 2005
A river that separates Maryland from Virginia
When you're driving South on 95, leave your mind on the Maryland side of the Potomac.
by Steviedee July 16, 2004
a place where all the guys and the grls are hot like jalapinio peppers. grls wear juicy, and guys wear lacoste. The beverly hills of maryland. if potomac was a lady, she'd have curves like a playboy bunny! tons of Jews, bat/barmitzvahs for everyone!!
girl from :hey hottie! where you from?
hot guy from potomac:uhh. potomac, where else?
by potomac_ishot November 14, 2005
A small town in Eastern Illinois near Hoopeston. All the girls think they are country and everyone secretly hates everyone. There is one girl from there who gets around so much we all know who I'm talking about and she's not even 16 yet.
Hey, will you run me to Potomac to go see some white trash walking around with jean shorts and cowboy boots?
by Mark Serion August 19, 2013
The city with the hottest kids ever. Preppy is always the style and you are never to old for ribbons. Its ok to get a mercedes as your first car, the only reason you wouldn't is if your parents didn't want to spoil you. You go into Bethesda for school....Holtons the best of course. You know the Potomac school isn't actually in Potomac and that Potomac Pizza doesn't actually have the best pizza in Potomac.
Guy 1: Damn shes hott
Guy 2: Ya Ive seen her, she lives in POTOMAC
Guy 1: duhh
by POTOMAC lover February 10, 2005
The place to be all day everyday, kids who live in potomac are rich, smart, and cool. Unlike fags and retards who live in Olney who think they are rich and cool. We are in fact the richest city in MOCO we have all the good schools like Holy Child, Mader Dai, and Bullis that kick ass. We have all the hot girls that are actually hot! No freaking fugly fat chicks that the fags at Olney like. Yeah we got it all and more, all the olney kids wish they could be us.
Potomac kid: Hey were are you gonna hang out tonight bro?
Olney Kid: Oh i'm going to go to O-town and wait at the little shanty town by Good Counsel and hit on some fat ugly chicks that walk by. Then I'm going to go eat at chipotle and then go home and have my mommy tuck me in at night for bed, then in the morning ill be riding the short bus to my special ed classes.
Potomac kid: Well I'm going to be partying all night with girls from private school and then take them back to my mansion and bang them, drink some beer, and wake up go to school and then do it all over again.
by MerkyMerkina November 24, 2011
The rich town where eigth graders get mugged and beat up by drunk seniors at 2 in the morning.
8th grader not from potomac: where are you from?
8th grader from potomac: potomac
8notfromp: oh, so you must have gotte mugged by seniors at 2 in the morning.
8fromp: No, but my best freind did.
by lgdffg July 05, 2006

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