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a.k.a. Purdue Village, the name of the BEST on-campus apartments of Purdue University.
- What are you doing for housing next year?
- I'm hoping I can get into P-Ville. That place is tight as hell.
by Kid Robo February 11, 2010
The place in northern Cali where the redneck conservatives live. Between Tahoe and Sac-Town
P-ville ruined my life
by me March 27, 2005
Placerville, Ca 95667; A place you'll spend your childhood dreaming of getting out of. A place with zero hot chicks, and no one with a full set of teeth, an environmentalist dream land!
Man1: Wanna go to P-Ville?

Girl1: Nah that place sucks!
by P-ville Local July 26, 2009
A small town in Maryland... as well as a tiny high school based with about 800 students... minors are lik 1 in 60...
Pville was beast in the football game, an undefeated season again!!!
by Molious September 24, 2005
Pleasantville, NY a.k.a. coolest place in the suburbs to be.
yo are we going to p'ville tonight? Tom:not in these clothes, ppl will think im a turdmuffin!
by alexxxxx August 23, 2005
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