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a.k.a. Purdue Village, the name of the BEST on-campus apartments of Purdue University.
- What are you doing for housing next year?
- I'm hoping I can get into P-Ville. That place is tight as hell.
by Kid Robo February 11, 2010
12 4
The place in northern Cali where the redneck conservatives live. Between Tahoe and Sac-Town
P-ville ruined my life
by me March 27, 2005
26 23
Placerville, Ca 95667; A place you'll spend your childhood dreaming of getting out of. A place with zero hot chicks, and no one with a full set of teeth, an environmentalist dream land!
Man1: Wanna go to P-Ville?

Girl1: Nah that place sucks!
by P-ville Local July 26, 2009
11 11
A small town in Maryland... as well as a tiny high school based with about 800 students... minors are lik 1 in 60...
Pville was beast in the football game, an undefeated season again!!!
by Molious September 24, 2005
5 15
Pleasantville, NY a.k.a. coolest place in the suburbs to be.
yo are we going to p'ville tonight? Tom:not in these clothes, ppl will think im a turdmuffin!
by alexxxxx August 23, 2005
14 28