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Some word some silly person made up because she can't spell. Possibly a portmanteau of 'potentially' and 'intentionally'.
Silly person: Why isn't 'ernest' in the dictionary?
Me: Don't you mean 'earnest'?
Silly person: Potentionally
by NinjaLewis May 17, 2008
you might possibly be able to do something or go somewhere
I potentionally might be getting behighved later.
by Morriggan November 15, 2005
Potentionally: - Adj. - Performing an action as if you were a powerful atom

Potentionally--adj. Describing the act of which one purposely drinks a powerful potion

Potentionally - adj. - Describing the thought process of the mind when it's in 2 places at the same time
Wow he totally jumped that wall in potentionally fashion

The Mage Potentionally did that

Don't worry, the psycopath is just potentionally thinking
by Nate Pyrokai November 26, 2006
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