A word that is defined with Chuck Norris in nearly every example.
Chuck Norris doesn't teabag the ladies, he potato sacks them.
by Pats will remain undefeated November 12, 2007
When you give someone money for weed and they screw you over,you give them the potato sack treatment. This is when you put your dealer in a potato sack and put him in the back of the car and drive around until he pays up.
Damn we got jacked, let's go potato sack that bitch.
by Cookfee February 23, 2009
During Anal intercourse, the man-or the pitcher- sticks his ball sack rather than his shaft into the catcher's butthole.
"So did you guys have sex last night?"
"We were going to have anal, instead he just gave me a potato sack."
by Thomas DeHart May 29, 2008
Those bags under your eyes after you have been up all night.
I haven't slept in days... I have huge potato sacks..
by K-K-K9NORN March 15, 2004
like a tea bag but instead of one pair of testicles, 2 pairs or more are needed and tied together using a rubber band to hold the balls together and then proceed to dip down in the victims mouth
person1: me and john potato sacked your mom last night!!!

person2: Dude, that means john and your balls touched each others? What a fag!!! hahahaha

Person1:......ummm SHUT UP
by Zero1 September 21, 2007

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