Someone who isn't smart.

It's logical because potatoes aren't smart.
Michael: Jordan you are a potato.

Jordan: haha Michael you are funny!
by NIESMAN September 09, 2014
The most amazing thing known to mankind.
Mm, these potatoes are delicious!
by Caveflower July 03, 2014
Taters. The most beautiful thing you will ever see. Everything good do with a few good taters. EVERYTHING.
1- What we need is a few good taters.
2- ...Whats taters, aye?
1- POTATO. Boil em', mash em', stick em' in a stew.
by Tehe:3 May 18, 2014
Being of two different races; mix. A potato's skin is a different color from the color in the inside of it.
Danisha: "She is either light skinned or a potato."
Danish: "Destiny, is you a potato or nah?"
Destiny: "Yes, my mom is black, and my dad is white.
by 2glam2giveadamn November 27, 2013
the carrots of the all time low fandom
"Rian's hair makes him look like a potato lol!!!"
"you're a potato"
by Big Booty Hoe 666 April 06, 2013
The proper spelling of the opt-misspelled "potatoes", plural of potato.
Valerie: "Would you like some potatoes?"
Bill: "Are those anything like potatos?"
by conipto2 January 30, 2011
The most awesome food ever ! It's so fabulous it will make you jealous .
Potato you are the best
by OneDirectionQueen July 01, 2014

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