Taters. The most beautiful thing you will ever see. Everything good do with a few good taters. EVERYTHING.
1- What we need is a few good taters.
2- ...Whats taters, aye?
1- POTATO. Boil em', mash em', stick em' in a stew.
by Tehe:3 May 18, 2014
A slang term used when referring to a person who is mentally retarded. Also used when a normal person acts retarded.
"Dude, look at that potato running down the hall." or " You are acting like such a potato today!"
by SweetDysentery October 17, 2013
A simple drinking game which is usually best left for later in the night when everyone is a bit drunk already. It is played using:-

A large potato
A group of people
Alcoholic drinks

Everyone stands in a large, closely packed group with one designated 'potato tosser' standing outside the main group. Everyone except the tosser must hold their drink. The tosser then launches the potato with the aim of it landing somewhere among the group. Anyone within the group who looks up after the potato has been thrown must consume their entire drink. Anyone who moves after potato has been thrown must consume their entire drink. The person that the potato hits must drink their entire drink and then they become the potato tosser.
'Let's play Potato'
by getAlifeyoucunt August 23, 2011
1. A root vegetable
2. An insult, as in "dumb as a potato."
"Geez, is this guy a potato or what?"
by shukujo April 03, 2015
1. A flying object which flies around ones room making it messy.
2. A scrumptious carbohydrate which can be eaten with anything at anytime and still be the best fruit out there
3. A cute nickname for you to call your crush
4.An object in which the entire universe couldn't survive with out.
5. A source of electricty to make clocks work
1. Damn everytime I leave my window open my next door neighbours' potato comes flying in making such a mess.
2.Nah mate it's potatoes or the deal is off.
3. Hey Potato, How was your day? Xx
4.Universe: Potato I love you, I'd die with out ya

5. Damn you brother Bert, my clock my potatoe not yours..understand??
by just696969rsNJKjeuerhrheie{} February 13, 2015
Potatoes are the most majestic item on the entire human planet. They are a symbol of awesomeness from god!!!!
Potatoes are da best!
by potatonarwhalunicornmermaid January 26, 2015
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