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The most amazing thing known to mankind.
Mm, these potatoes are delicious!
by Caveflower July 03, 2014
its a vegetable dumb ass
potato is a vege
by some random boyish boy June 18, 2014
A slang term used when referring to a person who is mentally retarded. Also used when a normal person acts retarded.
"Dude, look at that potato running down the hall." or " You are acting like such a potato today!"
by SweetDysentery October 17, 2013
People Over Thirty Acting Twenty One.
Nate: Is that your mom over there dancing to Lady Gaga?

Lori: Yeah, she is such a Potato.
by Precious' Revenge August 27, 2011
potato is potato
by douger66 May 13, 2014
Another word for Bitch ass nigga, usually used in public places such as school and stores when you get fed up with ones shit
person 1: Brah .. this teacher is such a potato... moving me away from my niggas and shit
person 2: ikr

Person 1: That sweater looks awful on you
person 2: OML you potato!
by Alex_the_unicorn May 11, 2014
A level of stupidness that goes beyond that of going completely retarded for a minute
Carlos just went potato he doesn't know what "ft" means in a song
by Theo47481 March 04, 2014