another word for a cheap gun silencer, featured in the movie South Central
Potato on the barrel keep quiet (shh)
Bobby Johnson - Que
by Dissident Aggressor January 22, 2015
1.A vegetable
2.An insult
1.Tim: You're a big fat potato
2.Tim: You're a big fat potato
by DrPooptickler December 30, 2014
The condition of being a potato is a social disorder hallmarked by an inflated sense of self-importance or influence over others, and an inability to perceive or comprehend social cues and boundaries. This lack of comprehension runs so deeply that potatoes are never aware that they are potatoes. Being a potato is always coupled with the condition of being a tryhard (see definition). Not all tryhards are potatoes, but all potatoes are tryhards.

The definition of potato is a bit broad because there are many varieties of potatoes, however being a potato is not a spectrum disorder: either you are a potato, or you are not. No matter what variety the potato, it is as much of a potato as any other potato.
Potato behavior has specific patterns that make it very easy to spot. For instance, a potato who reads this will undoubtedly be thinking (or very likely explaining aloud to someone who almost certainly does not care), "Well, you know, potatoes actually contain all the nutrients that humans need to survive, so really being a potato isn't a disorder. Potatoes are actually-."
Here are some real life examples of textbook potato behavior:

A couple of friends are joking with each other about the recent changes they have made in their diets. One says to the other, laughing, "I ate, like, five pounds of fish last week!" Suddenly, a complete stranger walks up and interjects, "You know, fish have mercury in them and eating that much fish would really be unhealthy." (Dr. Potato.)
A couple of guys are cutting up with each other when one of them exclaims, "YOLO!" A potato walks up and says mysteriously, "You guys know what YOLO actually stands for right? Do you know what YOLO really means?" Guy answers, bewildered, "You only live once...?" Potato shakes his head sagely, "It means that you're going to die anyway, so you might as well go ahead and do it faster." (Deep potato. Don't worry if you're confused, no one knows what that means but him. He is just so josh-dang deep.)
A teacher attempts to explain the pollination process (in an American literature class, but that's a potato for you). "If a bee sits on one flower, and flies to another flower, we have that cross pollination. The bee is actually having sex with the flower." (Clever potato.)
by saracuda September 11, 2014
Someone who isn't smart.

It's logical because potatoes aren't smart.
Michael: Jordan you are a potato.

Jordan: haha Michael you are funny!
by NIESMAN September 09, 2014
The most amazing thing known to mankind.
Mm, these potatoes are delicious!
by Caveflower July 03, 2014
A slang term used when referring to a person who is mentally retarded. Also used when a normal person acts retarded.
"Dude, look at that potato running down the hall." or " You are acting like such a potato today!"
by SweetDysentery October 17, 2013
1. A root vegetable
2. An insult, as in "dumb as a potato."
"Geez, is this guy a potato or what?"
by shukujo April 03, 2015

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