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Pieces of marijuana cigarettes (usually hot embers of searing pain, that's always my luck) that shoot into your esophageal passageway (via a nice ricochet against the uvula), lodging itself in a nice bed of mucosal membrane, which causes gagging and/or premature expellation of said adultarant.
Here is the Pot Rocket Threat-Board, with the highest threat first:

1. A one-hitter, or "bat" pipe.

2. A clean glass pipe without a carb.

3. A clean glass pipe with a carb.

4. Kelly.
by Sauer the Kraut August 28, 2008
2 1
1. N. Bowls of marijuana when they are 'rocketed' out of a pipe, usually by laughing or coughing into said pipe.

2. V. (Pot Rocket) To laugh or cough into a packed pipe, sending the usually skunky and expensive marijuana into the air.
Kody: Oh shit my mom! Doby, get out of here!
Kody's Mom: What the fuck is he doing here!
Doby: (Bails)
Kody: He's a badass!
Me: (blasts off pot rocket) HAHAHAHAHAHA
Kody: Dude!
Kody's Mom: That's why there's pot rockets on the roof!
by Vesuvianpick September 29, 2011
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