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A party you go to and smoke lots of weed, have some fun, and just listen to some music.Popular in the 60s and 70s they are today loved by hippies and the american youth from 15 to 28.
Todd- hey man whens the pot party?

Sam- 7:00 tonight, you bringing anything good?

Todd- hell yeah i got a dime bag of this dank ass shit.

Sam-Sweet man.
by Todd Lauderback May 13, 2006
Political party
Daling ru also goin to d pot party 2mo? Ts gona mn sm work out as evry1 wl b xercisn rights. Jus cos of d party trs a holein1day n I dnt evn play golf. Is this new SA sumtn or wat?
by Hercolena Oliver April 21, 2009
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