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when one proceeds to kneel, rest one hand against the wall and masturbate with the other hand
yo dude, i awoke last night to see my roommate Zak postin' on his bed
by Ryan Maroney September 13, 2006
19 22
To be in a state of relaxation.
To act as a post.
What you up to? Nothin, just postin.
by Playa Duke January 27, 2004
95 15
to chill.
to be chillen.
as if you were posted on a wall, your doin nothing,
your postin.
hey dude, what are you doin right now?

nothing man, just postin at my house.
by postin girl December 23, 2009
21 6
kickin' it, chillin on the couch. sometimes watching "Herbie: Fully Loaded" with the niggas, and sometimes just chillin.
"Yo Jay"
"Whats good"
"Im postinnnn"
by PostinFaDays November 25, 2012
1 0
to look at someone violently, mugging, bad look
(the bay area)
stussie: why dat nigga postin out the window??
b-town: we betta run, he planin a drive by...
by sandNword June 18, 2010
2 9