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A slang term depicting a play in basketball. In said play, a player dunks the ball over top or in front of another player, making a play so picturesque that it may appear on a poster, hence the term, posterized.

Some players may have their own versions of this, such as Greg Ostertag of the Sacramento Kings. When someone is 'posterized' by Ostertag, they are 'Osterized'. This pay is known as 'dirty' and 'ugly' and is generally unwanted throughout the NBA.
a) Yo man! VC just posterized the Pistons! Ben Wallace, you's a poster!

b) (taken from live stat tracking)

3:44 4th - G. Ostertag dunks the ball.
3:44 4th - Officials timeout for audience to throw up in bathroom.
by Uncle Ben November 29, 2004
Term in Basketball when one player dunks emphactally on an opposing player or in their face.
French center Frederic Weiss became the ultimate definition of posterized in history by Vince Carter of team USA in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.
by Smitty69 February 19, 2013
To make a move on another athlete that makes them look bad.
Steve posterized Jeff when he dunked over him.
by Brian Pettit September 25, 2006
Overpowering somebody in the lower basketball post.
This guy just got posterized
by NiggaNig October 27, 2003
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