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To stand in an outdoor area near a cut through or passage around a fence, building, or other physical barrier for the purpose of selling recreational pharmaceuticals. Standing posted in the cut enables the entrepeneur selling said recreational pharmaceuticals to quickly escape if law enforcement approaches as the law enforcement officers' vehicles will hindered by the barrier
Tyrone: Yo, whassup?
Jamal: Nothin' man. Just posted in the cut trying to make some dollar bills, yo.
Tyrone: You better watch out man, I just saw some undercovers around the way.
Jamal: Thanks, Dawg.
by KY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy December 15, 2006

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Basically it is something you say to someone when you are having sex and someone calls you
scott: baous, dude whats up?

baous: posted in the cut!

scott: chyeah
by keith kasper December 27, 2007