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An ejaculatory phenomenon that is far worse, and far more annoying than "precum". Postcum is the same as precum but often contains a little truecum aswell.
I knew Tana was going to be at work today so I jacked off then when I was done, changed pants. Too bad I forgot about postcum. On the way their some remnants leaked out of me penis and stained my freshly ironed khakis.
by Karate Jesus November 12, 2004
(n) The residual cum that continues to flow out of a man's penis after he's through spurting.
(adj) Happening after orgasm.
1. After I shot my load on her face, post-cum continued to leak out of my deflating member.
2. She immediately grabbed hold of my penis, cleaned me off, and gave me post-cum head.
by keyshaw September 16, 2004
the trickle of spunk that seeps out following a man ejaculating
gimme a paper towel my boxers are damp wi post cum
by miss kinky April 30, 2008
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