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An individual who dons the punk rock "uniform" (black leather jacket, boots, spikes, mohawk, etc.) to create an identity for themself and who assumes they are superior to others because of their punkasfuck look.
1. Jamie is such a postcard punk.
2. Dresses like a postcard every day but all of the spikes and patches in the world can't make up for the clockwork orange make-up.
by Alexxxyoumug April 08, 2008
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A poseur in british terms.
Some gay guy on a post card.
"Dude, im so punk rock because i have a studded leather jacket, and my mohawk just got dyed green."
" No, that makes you a postcard punk, punk isnt about leather jackets or a fucking hair style, its being yourself."
by Willybob n0kopants August 05, 2004

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