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Music that developed from the emo music scene of the 1990's. Post-emo bands usually have emo-remeniscent lyrics, but contain broader rythems and harmonies.
by Honjo Norgen October 13, 2005
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A style of music with sounds similar to Death Cab for Cutie and other soft emo bands, but with lyrics that are distinctly happy and whimsical. Whereas emo music told us it was ok to be sad, post-emo music reminds us that it is still cool to be happy with ourselves.
Owl City, while sounding similar to soft emo bands, is in fact quite happy and uplifting, and is therefore Post-emo.
by Selsenay May 03, 2010
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An emo kid that finally developed the testicular fortitude to actually kill themselves instead of whining about how unfair their life is.
"dude, did you hear the Brett killed himself?"

"Brett the emo kid?"

"yeah...well...he's Post-Emo now, i guess."
by roachez February 09, 2008
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Indie rock with emo lyrics and/or screaming, a mix of emo and indie rock which is usually poular with indies and scene kids but not very popular with emos.
Scene kid: Wow, i just heard some of NMH's songs, they're very light but the lyrics are very post emo.
Indie kid: OML scene kids like them, they must be crap *hastily destroys NMH cds*
by Hoogan June 04, 2006
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Advanced 'emo' culture, Post-Emo takes this social devolution a step further in every sense. Victims/supporters continue to multiply inexplicably...
Worse clothes, they are typically accentuated with haphazard bright colours as torn black no longer presents a sufficient enough social impact. Projected attitude is more 'insecure and pointless' than ever before. Make-up highly likely.
Jake: Man alive, talk about Post-Emo, look at it...
Mike: That a dude?
Jake: It's Post-Emo.
by G-Steez August 13, 2008
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