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1.a movment or act that a person does in order do to somthing..., du
2.a place you're at
dude..., im in position
by atsuma October 04, 2010
79 74
How you're having sex with your partner.
"What's our position tonight, booba?"
"Oh dear"
by Dylan Hewson May 27, 2005
335 144
If you see preferably a girl bending down, you say P, then the first letter in the girls name. Let's say it's a girl named Yuni, then you say: PY (Position Yuni). If you don't know the name of the girl you just say P

Or you could say P and the first letter in that persons job, like teacher; PT. And so on
Aleks: On my left, PJ
Jonas: That's just hot
by relaxo May 28, 2005
140 224