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POSH is an acronym for Piece Of Shit

Now why isn't it just POS?
Simply because Posh is also a word meaning 'Rich or trendy' and it's funny how the word and the acronym contradict =P
Look at this used car I just got off the lot bro!

Man, that is one POSH car...
by Moose69 July 25, 2008
short for Potion, as the liquid or card
"I play POSH on my Charmander" ~PokeMon Trading Game
by Random Kid May 28, 2006
someone who is full of them selves,like girly girls that wear make-up,snooby,really cares about making a good impression
"Look at that girl in the mini-skirt, she's so POSH"
by lyy July 30, 2005
It come from the day of steamers traveling to the far east from Britain passing by Cape town. The leg Cape Town to the far east was in hot weathers and the ship had the starboard side always facing south. The cabins would get very hot on that side so a port cabin on the outbound jurney was preferable. The reverse applied to the homebound jurney. Hence the most expensive tickets where those: Port Outbound Starboard Homebound, simply marked as P.O.S.H.
Today is is sinonimous of expensive, high class, etc, although should mean Chavvy after POSH spice adopted it.
by marco~~ October 03, 2006
Ususally posh means sophisticated, or snobby... or something like that, but we small towners use it to mean:
Piece Of SHit
"I have to go pick up my posh car. It's in the shop again!"
by BarbieChik December 24, 2005
Scottish slang term for cocaine. Found prominently in the book "Filth" by Irvine Welsh.
I snorted a gram of posh last night.
by Innit? McGuinness July 17, 2006
First Class
As in travel from and to India and England
Because of the position of the day sun the best cabins were always "Port (side) Out, Starbord (side) Home"
by Patrick Spence-Thomas May 08, 2003