Poseur is a truly moronic term used primarily by those who also meet the traditional definition of poseur (i.e. "trying to be something they're not". The reality is, though, poseurdom is a stage of adolescence. "Poseurs" are simply trying to find themselves, and, as a result, may go through nearly every phase there is. Just like you, the prep turned gangster turned goth turned emo turned skater is trying to establish who they really are.
The only reason one person refers to another as a poseur is because they wish to be seen as "hardcore" by insulting others.
#skater #goth #emo #gangsta #punk
by lacoste_lover January 22, 2006
someone who has no idea what the fuck they're supposed to like, so they like what evryone else likes, and they DONT KNOW SHIT about whatever it is. It makes them look like total fags. usually try to skate and say that bands like Good Charlotte and Avril are punk.
"dude, look at joe, he's such a poseur, that little fag can't even ollie, look at his gay little good charlotte shirt".
by sir-j February 25, 2004
The state of beginning of someone who is totally focused on the photogenic style they have
carl Barat in any photo with a fag or
some indie kid: 'carl barats poseur fag in mouth thing is boring
some other indie kid : 'Yeah'
#poseur #fag #carl #indie #style
by Gaylert February 01, 2008
A person who tries too hard to fit in with a group of people by acting, talking and dressing the way the people of that particular group do. They also pretend to like everything the people like and agree with everything they say.
My friend is such a poseur. She tries to be punk by saying she likes Good Charlotte, but has never heard of the Distillers or Rancid or even Slipknot.
by Syd October 17, 2004
Someone who trys to be someone they aren`t just to look cool.
Amanda trys to dresses up like a punk person because everyone else is. But yet Amanda likes Avril Lavinge, Newfound Glory, Simple Plan and Good Charlotte.
by The Demented One January 02, 2004
Someone who races a ZX6r in the CMRA under the guise of the Green Lantern!
Grrrvich Racing has a poseur racer
#pretender #faux #seanze #wannabe #impression
by Yellow Ducky April 27, 2011
The true way to spell poseur, a poseur is a way to refer to fake people. This could be someone who claims to be, say, emo when they cut themself, without know that emo is a genre of music and a state of mind. It's not cutting and suicide.

OR a poseur is a hater. They insult people who like Owl City, shop at Hot Topic, or do anything else that has slipped into the mainstream.
Poseur: ZOMG you listen to owl city, they are so gay! ur so gay!

Real person: um, one, Owl City isn't a band. Two, it's politically incorrect to call something gay, and three, step off.
#hot topic #emo #hater #owl city #fake people
by xRevolution09x March 16, 2010
For an example see Limor
Limor is a poseur because she pretends to like old music
#limor #poseur #israeli #pretend #pink floyd
by Pinkus October 15, 2007
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