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i willl admit i hate asslee simpson and people who pretend to be punk but all they care about is seeing how many TV screens their face will be plastered on how many teenyboppers will buy their clothingline and who they can hook up with they think if they act mad and wear black they are punk its not about what you where or fashion its about the music!!!!!!!
if you care about the music and nothing else you wont give a shit who calls you a poser cause you aren't unlike those suck ass pop singers who dont have real voices or who cant even play an instrument to save their life!!!!!!!!!!!! you suck hilary duff!!!!!!!!

a POSER is something that i dont think anyone can really define because people have their own views and oppinions on it i mean all these so called punks or whatever say oh if you listen to this band you are a poser
well what makes them not posers?
what they listen to might get them labeled as posers by other people too

also if you just started listening to a band after their most recent record people consider you a poser but i dont get why they do this i mean obviously there was a time when they had just started listening to them! and when will these "newbies" be considered die-hard fans like the people who lord it over them now?! some people dont have access to the resources needed to know about a band the second they form and start performing it seems like alot of the time people calling other people posers is just being stuck up and snobby and most of the people doing the "name calling" are the people who try to "rebel" against snobbyness i mean do you have to shop at hot topic to not be a poser? but wait hot topic is for "posers" so i mean we are all entitled to our own point of view but in the end we are all just posers
and when a band makes an album that is popular and makes alot of money why does that make them SELLOUTS? their so called "fans" should be happy that they are successful i mean are you so selfish that you cant stand other people listening to the bands music get over it you cant control it and if they do stupid advretisements or what ever its not their fault its their PR peoples fault!!!!! i willl admit i hate asslee simpson and people who pretend to be punk but all they care about is seeing how many TV screens their face will be plastered on how many teenyboppers will buy their clothingline and who they can hook up with they think if they act mad and where black they are punk its not about what you where or fashion its about the music!!!!!!!
person 1-i wear black and converse now im punk
person 2-what do you listen to?
p1-ashley simpson
p2-get out of my sight and go fuck your self

the music is what matters so shut the hell up
musicians are hot!
by xxalone in my grey mindxx August 06, 2005
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Someone who tries very hard to be something they're not but never succeeds.

A poser trying to be a "goth" will wear jeans and a band t-shirt. The band being a band they've only heard one song by.

I used to be a poser, then I saw sense. I'm just myself now. My own Style. Simply just, me.

Lucy - "Umm... what songs you heard then?"

Sindy - "Can't remember the names! *awkward laugh*"

Lucy - "Yeah..."

But posers are often mistaked as actual goths by chavs (townies, scallies). But chavs are stupid and blind.
by Kits August 17, 2005
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Poser; One who conforms to other people's ideas, has no original ideas, and tries to be someone they're not. They typically ditch their original group of friends to try and hang out with people that are "cool" in hopes of becoming popular. They will also go out and buy a mass order of "cool" clothes from Hot Topic or something.

Signs of a Poser - 1. The poser will start hanging out with people you would never expect. 2. They will change their style of clothes. e.g. They will wear tennis shorts but will soon be wearing skinny jeans and tight jackets. 3. Potential poser name: First name: Vance; Last name: La
Person 1: "Hey, you know Vance?"

Person 2: "Vance La?"

Person 1: "Yeah, him."

Person 2: "Yeah. He's such a poser. No one likes him."
by thatwatuget4beingafaggotVance April 16, 2010
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A name given to a person based on his/her fashion sense or musical tastes by people who think that:

A. Just because someone is wearing clothes from Hot Topic it means that they're trying to be goth, or

B. Just because someone listens to The Ramones it means that they're trying to be punk.

There are some more examples, but these are some of the more common ones. Most people that call others posers are saying that these people are trying to be goths or punks. These people never consider that maybe, just maybe.. these guys simply like the clothes or music!

It has nothing to do with what they want to BE, but simply what they LIKE, so they go ahead and do it. It's like assuming that just because a white guy wants to rap, that he's automatically a wigger. Rap doesn't automatically mean you're gonna speak in ebonics and rap about bitches and hoes, or how "gangsta" you are. Only when that IS the case.. you can go and call him a wigger, but otherwise, no.

It's the same with these so-called "goths" and "punks". A stud-belt from Hot Topic doesn't mean that person slits his wrists and cries all day because his life sucks, nor does liking the band Green Day mean that person wants to rebel against society, get a mohawk, and tell everyone else to fuck off.

However.. the easiest way to tell a true poser from a non-poser would be that, if a poser actually gets called a poser, he/she'd overreact quite angrily and surprised.
Wigger: omg look at dat wannabe goth over der wit dose chain pants from Hot Topic lol ur such a goth poser

Non-Idiot: Umm.. no, actually I got these pants because I thought they look cool. Do you have a problem with that?

Wigger: Yea I do!! I'm an awesum rapper wit all mah hoes and rims, who says I'm from da street even tho I wuz raised in a 6-story mansion!!

Non-Idiot: Well in that case, go and tell someone to yell at you instead of coming here like an idiot and calling me a poser... you poser.

Wigger: omg stfu I fukkin hate u u wannabe goth bitch go slit ur wrists u fag

Non-Idiot: I've never slit my wrists in my whole life, moron.
by SomeBadJoke August 11, 2006
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Somebody who is false, who likes to be seen as cool.Wants to fit in but gets it wrong. Listens to crap music

example: Avril Lavigne.
Poser : I would like to buy a Avril Lavigne T-Shirt.

Shop Assistant : Sure
*whispers DAMN those Posers*.

*Poser skips down the road in glee thinking that She will be so cool. A minute later arrives near a bunch of Moshers*

Mosher 1: *Laughs* Dude what are you wearing?
*He says wearing a Nirvana T-Shirt and skating shoes*

Mosher 2: *becomes hysterical*I think you've got it wrong.

Poser: But... But... You all love Avril Lavigne don't you?

Mosher 1: *drop Kicks* I am Sooooo offened!

Mosher 2: Yeh F*** off you POSER!

*Poser runs off crying and decides to try and be a Goth*
by O:^-^ Pink Floyd ^-^ :O June 12, 2006
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Virtually every kid in my school. They're almost all middle class, suburban white kids, who wear there pants to their ankles, and say they're "gangsta". 1, maybe 2 kids have any ties to gang activity. You ain't a gangsta, so pull your pants up!
poser gangsta: Wassup White boy?

Me:You're just as caucasian as me

him: ...
by A regular kid November 28, 2006
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One of the most overused words in the english language, especially by teens, and is probably one of the dumbest words as well. A poser is supposed to describe a person who pretends to be something they aren't and/or like something they don't. This word is too broadly used, and puts down people who want to try new things and want to get away from their past likings. I think it's a dumb word and the person who first used it should be punched in the family jewels.
idiot: Omg John is such a poser he wears Etnies and doesn't skate!!!
me: Why? because he likes their clothes?

idiot 2: Chris is a poser because he listens to punk but isn't really into punk
me: How do you think punk bands make money? from hardcore punks buying their CDs? They'd all go bankrupt in days if that was true, and punk music isn't just for a special group of people dumbass

correct person: Nicks a poser cause he
by clothes guy August 11, 2007
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One who pretends to be what one is NOT.
Look at that poser bitch.
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