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1) To behave in a ridiculous matter due to exhaustion.

2) Silly behaviour as a result of being tired but incapable of going to sleep.

3) Being hyper because of a lack of sleep. (believed to be the result of the body breaking down any and all sugars in your system in order to keep you awake)

other uses: porpulating(adv.), porpulater(n.), porpulation(adj.)
"Woo-Hoo!!! I haven't slept in almost 3 days - I think I'm going to go marinate a wall in some syrup! And this, kids, is what it means to porpulate."

"Dude, you are porpulating mad hard - you need to go to bed."

I was caught in a state of total porpulation when it came to finals week.
by welshtaurus February 07, 2011
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