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One of those annoying spammer programs in chatrooms that sits there spouting random gibberish such as "I'm naked on my profile - go look!", "Any lonely boys want to chat?" and other such drivel. These irritating little bastards can PM you as well, and some even have a rudimentary parsing facility so they can pretend to be human. Pretty soon chatrooms will be full of these little critters talking to each other, while all the real people will have found girl/boyfriends and got themselves productive jobs.
BOT: a/s/l
ME: Fuck off you twat
BOT: That's great, my name's Alicia. Want to chat?
ME: I rape pigs
BOT: come to my website, I'm naked ;)
ME: (presses IGNORE button)
by lil miss gullible, now reformed February 27, 2004
Automated program that posts links to pornographics web sites in chat rooms
"I hate this stupid drive-by porn bussiness"
"I have all porn bots on iggy"
by Anonymous November 05, 2002
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