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The disbelief and utter sexual frustration when having smart peers in a class.
Ex. Viraj had pornage when he walked into his entrepreneurship class. All the girls were smarter than him.
#sex #porn #hi #class #school
by virajisicky November 21, 2010
1 Word related to pornage
The current era of time where all people, male and female, are glued to thier computers, (usually by some sort of ejaculate) in a massive addiction to pornographic images.
Guy 1: Did you hear about Maria, she hasen't left her room in days.
Guy 2: She just sits there every day screwing with her Pornhole.
Guy 1: Yep, she's stuck there, I guess she decided to join the Porn-Age.
#pron-age #pornhole #pornage #bronze-age #abstinance
by upmost777 January 06, 2012
Eating shrooms with your dealer
We pornaged do hard
#orange #porange #hi #bye #hello
by amorsity October 22, 2014
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