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A greasy breakfast containing eggs and a pork product, e.g., bacon, usually consumed the morning after a night of excessive drinking for the purposes of alleviating a hangover.
Person A: Damn dog, what you eating?

Person B: Porky eggs.

Person A: What the hell are porky eggs dog?

Person B: Look it up in the Urban Dictionary you stupid retard.

Person A attempts to look up the term on his iPhone

Person A: It's not defined here dog.

Person B: Aw, shit. I submitted a definition a couple of days ago. Those idiot editors at the Urban Dictionary must have rejected it.

Person A: That sucks dog!

Person B: I know, dog! Now you aren't going to know what porky eggs means, cause I ain't telling you!

Person A and B share a laugh.
by Big poppa 62353456 December 03, 2013
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